Focus on Rarities


Since 1994, Mike has produced a column for the quarterly newsletter of the Yerba Buena Chapter of the California Native Plant Society. To read Mike’s most recent Focus on Rarities articles published in the CNPS Yerba Buena Chapter Newsletter, click here:  Focus on Rarities


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Recent Publications


Wood, M.K. 2021. Annotated Checklist of the Vascular Plants of San Francisco, 3rd edition. June 1. To download the list, click here.


Wood, M.K. 2015. Locally Significant Plant Species of San Francisco County. July 4. 

To download the list, click here.


Wood, M. 2014. The Extant and Extirpated Rare Plants of San Francisco County. September 25. To download the list, click here.


Wood, M. 2014. The Extirpated Plants of San Francisco. April 1. To download the list, click here.


Wood, M. 2014. Annotated Checklist of the Vascular Plants of San Francisco's Natural Areas.  2nd Edition, version dated April 6. To download the checklist, or separate checklists of SF's 67 natural areas, click here.  


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Wood, M. 2010. Byron. In Bartosh, H., L. Naumovich, L. Baker. Guidebook to Botanical Priority Protection Areas of the East Bay. Special Publications #4 of the California Native Plant Society, East Bay Chapter. Available through the East Bay Chapter of CNPS. 


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2006.  Association of Environmental Professionals.  Panelist.  Going it Alone - Working as an Independent Environmental Contractor.  To view Mike's tongue-in-cheek handout describing the good, bad and ugly of working for yourself, click here.


2006.  California Environmental Quality Act Workshop. Getting it Right - CEQA and Biological Resources. Presented at Oakland Marriott.


2007.  California Environmental Quality Act Workshop. CEQA and Biological Resources. Presented at California State University - East Bay.