The Locally Significant Plant Species of San Francisco County


The first, comprehensive analysis of the significant plant species of San Francisco County.

To download the list (1st edition, version 2015-07-15), click here



Annotated Checklist of the Vascular Plants of San Francisco’s Natural Areas – 2nd edition


The revised checklist covers those taxa that are presumed to be extant in San Francisco County. The revision includes updated nomenclature, cross-referencing to the 1958 flora by Howell, et al., habitat affinities for indigenous taxa, corrections and new location reports.

To download the county wide checklist (2nd edition, version 2014-04-06), click here



The Extant and Extirpated Rare Plants of San Francisco County


A summary of all rare and endangered plants recorded for San Francisco County.

To download the list (1st edition, version 2014-09-25), click here



The Extirpated Plants of San Francisco


A comparison of the current record of the extant plants of San Francisco County with the indigenous taxa historically recorded from the county.


To download the list (2nd edition, version 2014-04-01), click here 


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Site-specific Checklists


Checklists for 58 of San Francisco's natural areas.

Great companions for your next hike.



Presidio Checklists


Presidio - Baker Beach Presidio - Inspiration Point
Presidio - Baker Beach North Presidio - Lobos Creek Valley
Presidio - Coastal Bluffs Presidio - Mountain Lake
Presidio - Crissy Bluffs Presidio – Presidio Hills
Presidio - Crissy Field Presidio - Rob Hill
Presidio - Doyle Drive Presidio - Tennessee Hollow 
Presidio - Fort Point Bluffs Presidio - West Pacific Natural Area
Presidio - Golf Course Natural Area Presidio - World War II Memorial



Sites for which more data is needed


Alemany Project Balboa Natural Area
Bayshore Caltrain Station Fairmont Park
Forest Hill Park Golden Gate Park - Mallard Lake
Hunter's Point Wetlands India Basin
Islais Creek Pier 98